Post-COVID Digital Marketing: Impact Of A Global Event To Global Markets

Post-COVID Digital Marketing: Impact Of A Global Event To Global Markets

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most devastating human experiences in the world in recent memory. A tragedy rarely happens, and it would affect the entire world in a span of a few months. People believed that it was not going to last as long, while others pretended it was fake or did not exist. However, as we enter the second year of this pandemic, it is almost undeniable that it is going to change the way we live our lives forever.

One of the most obvious effects of COVID is the loss of businesses. Industries like tourism which thrived with social interaction, were decimated last year due to social distancing. Even now, you can still see the effects of the rules in society. People are now more afraid to interact with others directly due to the fear of the virus. Of course, there are going to be detractors, as you can see here, but the rest of the population are still rather afraid to even talk to each other without a mask.

Crisis Upon Crisis

With all of this going on, there are only two ways that you can go: adapt or perish. It is the reality that most business owners must face because it is the truth. Most people already knew this even before the pandemic happened, but no one knew how fast it is in this modern world. The crisis only hastened all of the changes, and everyone has to adapt to them, or they will experience losses. You may have seen many companies struggling to stay open or even go bankrupt altogether.

For this reason, it is crucial to understand how the COVID crisis has genuinely affected the world. It has changed lives for the worse, especially for those at the bottom of society. The poorer went poorer still, while the rich are scraping by with their millions. Most have to adjust to a new society, and it includes marketing. It is still one of the most powerful ways that you can do and create business for yourself. It may take some time and effort, but it will always pay off if you will use the right strategy.

People always underestimate the power of a good marketing strategy. Oftentimes, it is labeled as a waste of time and should not be done anymore since everything is unpredictable. It is a sentiment that you would often hear with small businesses since they would depend on their loyal customers. However, we are not living in the mid-1900s anymore. The new decade brings more opportunities, and with it comes a better understanding of the power of marketing.

With COVID still floating around the world, millions of people flock to the internet for everything. It is the place wherein you can contact many individuals and create connections. Compared to previous generations, it is often easier to do it now since you do not have to worry about talking to them in public or private. All you have to do is use applications, and sometimes it will even do the conversion for you. There are many trends that we see to be the new normal part of internet marketing.

Common Trends Of The Future

1. Dependence On Social Media

If there is one thing that most people cannot escape in this century, it is the use of social media. There was a time when it was seen as a fad, especially during the starting years of Facebook. However, as their user base grows, many experts started to see that it has a future. Seeing it now, we cannot deny the power of social media when it comes to making choices for people. It has been embroiled in controversy as well when some of its power was used to influence millions of voters on their choices, as you can read here:

Aside from that, we can see its effects on marketing strategies. Many companies would circulate their entire agenda on creating more opportunities through Facebook and other similar sites. It has been a necessity before you can even enter the world market. Also, it does not matter whether you are a mom-and-pop store down the street or a multibillion venture; you need to have a social media presence. No one wants to go out these days, so you might want to reach out to your customers using it.

2. Relevance Of SEO

Search engine optimization has also been a hot topic with marketing experts all over the world. It is the use of search engines like Google and Bing to advertise your products or company. It relies upon the use of keywords and content creation to help boost your website to relevance. Sometimes, there are also other options like pay per click which you can choose, especially if your product is a common item or necessity.

However, some experts say that it might not be needed anymore. It will depend on the status or goal of your business. SEO would help if you want people to know that you have a website or your products can be bought online. Otherwise, you might want to look into other options which will work best for you, like social media marketing. These two can work hand-in-hand, but one needs to be the priority first, especially if you are budgeting everything.

3. Partnership With Established Companies

Another trend that most people always see these days is partnering with companies that have an established name. You always see this in e-commerce, with those who are entering programs of Amazon, Shopify, and the like. It is a convenient way to sell your products, especially if you are not manufacturing them. Also, it is a great way to get your shop’s name out there through this partnership since you are creating an online store through their platform.

4. Using Internet Personalities

It is not unusual that internet personalities or celebrities have become a staple in the internet world. They are also a great way to advertise products since most of them are more affordable compared to the A-list stars. Some of them would even review products even without payment as long as you give them free stuff. You can customize the contract with them as well, but you need to analyze their audience first and see if it is a market that you can develop.

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