New York Link Building Services

When you are asked about the first three things that come to mind when SEO mentioned, I bet that “links” are going to be at the top of that list. The other two are probably content and keywords. The reason for this is simple: Links are undeniably a very critical factor in Search Engine Optimization.

Why is this so, though?

Links are the primary source of a website’s authority. The more links you build around your website, the better your standing is with search engines. The entirety of the internet is comprised of interrelated links; it’s like a never-ending web that connects one thing to another. More affiliations and connections only mean that your website is functional, and it is giving other people value. It cancels out doubts of being a fraudulent or fake site and thus, will increase its opportunities to rise in the top pages of search results.

It is important to note, however, that not any link would do or at least not all of them will hold any weight in your website’s standing in the SERPs. Google, along with other SE’s, are more than intelligent enough to know that people are bound to take advantage of link building to get ahead in business. Several years back, the practice of selling sitewide and guest posting links had led to stricter evaluations for websites. Now, not all links are considered good for your business – so don’t even think about getting random backlinks from other websites!

That said, the best way to build your website’s authority online is to gain a network of backlinks from other authoritative websites that exist in your industry. We call this Niche Link Building.

For instance, it would not make sense for us being an SEO company to receive backlinks from foodservice websites. It would also be weird for us to be mentioned in fashion articles, alternative medicine sites, travel and leisure blogs, etc. If search engines detect backlinks for our website coming from groups and communities that do not make sense for us, they may interpret that as fraudulent activity and that may even get us flagged or worse, cancelled for good.

If you haven’t the slightest idea about how to build your own website’s link strategy, best leave it to the experts! Links are a crucial part of SEO and can drive a whole lot of traffic to your business done right. Lucky for you, there is a team that is more than capable to take this job on.

Can You Get Links From Websites Not Related To Your Line of Business?

One or two would not hurt, of course. Especially so, if the links received were not intentional (e.g. maybe one of your clients gave you a shoutout on their website which is a pretty common thing to happen if you are running a B2B business). However, as a general rule, you should only build a link network with businesses that exist in the same sphere as yours. As mentioned above, getting or receiving backlinks from low authority websites, or websites from industries that just don’t make sense for your company will only hurt your website’s reputation.

What’s The Biggest Advantage Of Niche Link Building?

Building your link network will positively impact your site authority. Good site authority tells search engines that your business can be trusted and that a lot of people look to your website for information. More backlinks will lead to more traffic for two reasons:
1. Readers from the other website where you have been mentioned may be redirected to yours via the backlink.
2. More authoritative links will improve your standing in the SERPs and get you to show up in higher spots for certain searches.

Would It Be A Problem If I Don’t Build Links For My Website?

Well, yes. Connections are what validate the existence of an object. Without these links, your website is good as non-existent. It will not show up for keyword searches; it will not appear on any pages of search results. Much like how humans validate each other by forming relationships; websites do that too. The more validation your website gets from high authority sites, the more likely it will be viewed in a good light and be suggested for others to see.