Content writing goes hand in hand with SEO because it needs to be good for the audience and search engine crawlers. You need to have the right content to attract your products and services and make them persuasive. Also, the content needs to be visible to crawlers as it leads to more visits and views. Some SEO services offer keyword research as the main focus, but it is not the only way to optimize content nowadays. Gone are the days when content writers used to stuff keywords. It is a strategy that doesn’t work anymore as Google’s algorithms got smarter. Much of the content that’s ranking today is engaging and encourages shares across social media platforms. That said, you need a digital agency that understands the art of curating content to your target audience. 

Let's face it- Content Is Still King!

Great search engine optimization begins with awesome content.
Our top-class writers can create engaging content for websites of all niches. In addition, the creation process is our catalyst to optimization as it delivers insightful marketing efforts and boosts your business' unique needs. From product descriptions to category pages and buying guides, we offer clients all kinds of content writing services. Our writers are experienced and cover just about any niche. To ensure we deliver quality results, our content creation process follows these steps:
  • SEO Strategy. Once you decide to work with us, we will sit down and create a 360-degree plan for your SEO content. 
  • Content brief. We then create a content brief that will have all the pointers needed to rank your post on google. 
  • Assign a writer. We send the content brief to one of our writers who is particularly experienced in your brand’s niche. 
  • Copy Editing. After the writer submits their work, it goes to a rigorous editing process to finesse and remove grammar and spelling errors. We also fine-tune the tone to ensure your content doesn’t sound spammy. 
  • Op Page Optimization. After the post is published, it heads to the optimization stage, checking title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, and URLs.

Our Content Writing Services

Technical Writing

Technical writing involves converting complex information to something more digestible or simpler to comprehend. We pick the best technical writers who are also experts in that field. Our technical professionals can explain whatever concept your company needs and optimize if needed. We follow strict rules in technical writing and ensure we don't miss out on any fact.

Newsletter Writing

In businesses, newsletters are the core forms of communications as it brings potential customers and leads. Our writing team knows how to communicate with staff members effectively and will curate the ideal newsletter for you.

Ebook Writing

Show your expertise in curating perfectly crafted eBooks. We have writers who create SEO-based eBooks on topics you prefer that can grasp readers' attention. Well-written eBooks also get better reviews and bring in more money if on sale.

SEO Content Writing

We take content creation a notch higher as we make high-quality, optimized content for businesses. In addition, we use the latest SEO tools to help rank better and find the right keywords.

Business Writing

Looking for formally-written content? At New York SEO Pro, we provide business writing services with our expert skills. Plus, Our writers do thorough analysis and research on relevant top[ics to provide you with top-quality content.

Press Release

Press releases speak about a company and are very delicate in terms of tone and choice of words. So if you are looking for experienced press release writers, look no further. We have a team on standby.

Article Writing

Articles are all about creating content across plenty of topics. All our writers are experienced in writing effective articles and delivering content worth publishing. The process involves several stages, but when it's done, we provide engaging content. New York SEO Pro will create adjustments about any brand voice. Our writers ensure there is no difference between our content and what your brand puts across. Whether a professional photographer, lawyer, or artiste, we will have the right tone for your posts.

Content Writing Services Simplified

As long as your business has an online presence, you need content. Plus, the type of content you need needs to be excellent, engaging, and friends with search engine web crawlers. Our writers can create informative content for your clients with zero fluffs and filler words. Instead, we focus on the intricate parts of your business as you work on the bottom line. We have constant happy clients because we build a relationship and get to know our clients first. Each step of the content writing process is collaborative, and you will be involved along with our writers. As a result, our content is also well-positioned to rank better on search engines. If you need more information on our content writing services or quotations, don't hesitate to contact us today.