National SEO

Once you are done firmly planting your roots, the next step is to branch out! There are generally two types of online entrepreneurs, you see. One who is plenty happy just having an extra source of income and sees his business as a “side hustle” and the other who has the mindset to go big or go home.

Obviously, you would want to be the latter.

Online business doesn’t have to be “just a side hustle.” If you devote your time, effort, and genuinely believe in how far your self-made brand can go, you are definitely capable of achieving much bigger things. When you get serious about something, the rest of the universe will inevitably conspire with you to get the results you want. That is true Coehlo philosophy right there.

Anyway, decide as early as now where you want to take your business. Because when you are 100% certain that you want to take on the bigger stage, we will be there to back you up and guide you by the hand!

National SEO refers to the implementation of SEO at a much bigger scale. Everything is amplified – the market scope, competition, and most especially, the factors that will affect your ranking position in search engine page results. That said, National SEO is meant for businesses who are vying for greater brand awareness; businesses who wish to take on international markets someday.

One ironic thing to note with Search Engine Optimization strategies, however, is that as the scope of your audience grows bigger, the shorter your targeted keywords are. The strategy, this time, will focus on ranking short-tail keywords – which are phrases comprised of 2 or 3 non-specific key terms. The reason for this is because National SEO aims to reach more people, not just a particular local group or community.

Our team of SEO experts, having almost a dozen years of experience on the job, are more than ready to help you get your business to rank nationally. Among the 4,700 keywords we have ranked (and counting), more than half are classified as short-tail, frequently used keywords. We have both the skill and experience to get your business to the next level.

When do you know when the time is right to do National SEO?

As stated above, the best time to start campaigning for National SEO is after you have successfully launched a Local SEO campaign. It is crucial for your brand to build a strong foundation with local communities, especially where your company is based. Strengthening your brand’s influence in local markets will guarantee following and support from loyal customers when you start introducing your brand nationally.

How Different is Local & National SEO?

Local SEO is a recommended campaign strategy for small business owners or e-commerce start-ups who still need to build rapport with local markets and communities. The main goal is to get your website to rank for long-tail, and often location-based searches, and get more local customers to visit your website or physical store. National SEO, on the other hand, is SEO on a much bigger scale. This time, the aim is to rank for short-tail keywords that are frequently searched by people, regardless of location, time, and other factors.

Does My Business Need National SEO?

The answer to this heavily depends on the vision you have for your business. If you are a fresh startup, we would advise against launching a national campaign off the bat. However, as a startup who someday aspires to bring their business to national markets one day, National SEO may be a strategy you would want to consider down the road. If you see your business taking on a whole new level, then we can help you figure out a long-term marketing growth plan that will enable your business to compete nationally.