Local SEO Services

Every great business starts somewhere. Before you take on a bigger stage, it is important that you also strengthen your roots and stabilize yourself on safe ground. Thus, the best way to scale your business is to first dominate local markets! In other words, you will need Local SEO.

For newer businesses, especially companies existing in the e-commerce space, we always recommend starting with a local strategy – particularly a local SEO campaign. What does this entail?

  1. Targeting long-tail keywords that are specific and clear about locations, an example of which is “DUI lawyers in Long Island.”
  2. Putting out content that is more appealing to local audiences.
  3. Building link networks with companies from the same local space
  4. Getting your business in local listings and online yellow pages
  5. Adding location tags to published posts on the internet including social media.

There are many ways to target audiences locally so the first thing you must figure out is which specific areas you would want to focus on. Are you planning a small-scale campaign first before moving on to a city-wide or state-wide approach? If so, where do you begin? What time frame are you giving yourself for this campaign?

These are all tough questions but questions that need to be answered, nonetheless. So, if you don’t want to bother yourself trying to figure all these things out and learning how local SEO works from scratch, we are here to help.

Our team of local SEO experts has worked with various brands and businesses to get their names on the top pages of Google search. They understand the nuances that come with implementing a local SEO strategy and can easily take the lead in running a successful SEO campaign for your biz. With over 11 years of real, hands-on experience working with top-tier businesses, trust that they know exactly what they are doing!

Is It Crucial To Start With Local SEO?

We will answer this question with a sample scenario. If you were made to choose between Brand X which you have never heard about before and Brand Y which you have known for years after following the business for years, which brand will you choose?

I bet you will most likely go with Brand Y for the simple reason that you are more familiar with the brand’s name, identity, and history. However, have you ever wondered why you feel that way about a brand in the first place? Likely, it is because you were able to observe this brand for a long time – from when it was newly introduced to the market up until it started selling at a much larger scale.

The same concept applies to SEO. No matter how much you compete with international businesses, if your business itself is unknown, it will be for naught. This is why it is always important to start your strategy on a manageable level and get people familiar with your brand. Create your stronghold; build the right foundation for your business. Once you win over local markets, you will have loyal customers to back you up once you move on to bigger audiences!

I’m Running A Small Business, Is This The Right Move For Me?

It is the perfect move for you! As a small business, your target market is likely locals or people within a certain distance from your business. Though small, I’m sure that competition is still tough out there so an online strategy will definitely do you good revenue-wise. Digital marketing has far wider reach and engagement than any other local marketing strategy out there.

Get ahead of your industry competitors by ranking your website for geo-specific keywords that are frequently searched on Google! Get people within the proximity of your business buying!

What Are The Main Advantages of Doing Local SEO?

There are several advantages to running your own SEO campaign. However, in general, you can expect: Local Market Reach, Faster Results (compared to National SEO), and Increased Brand Awareness.