Latest Updates On Mobile Responsive Design

Latest Updates On Mobile Responsive Design

When it comes to the internet, there are so many things that you can do with it. Before it existed, people tended to not know about anything outside of their city or country. It seems too far, and most do not care about it since there is already a trove of information in the locality. However, the internet changed everything and made it easier to access and discover. We are now living in it, and we must take advantage of the power that it can give us.

However, the needs of the people when it comes to these technologies have also become more complex. It has been noted that more internet dwellers are looking for easier ways to use the websites that they want. This includes using them in various devices, as most professionals these days would use more than one in their daily life, as this article tells us. It means that if you are a website developer, you need to consider this. Most people might end up not checking the website due to its design that will not fit their devices.

Mobile Developments

One of the most important aspects that you need to learn as a website creator is optimizing it for mobile use. It was not necessary before since most people just used devices with larger screens like computers. However, everything changed when cellular phones began to transition to smartphones, thus creating a new trend. People started to prefer these devices since they are more portable but still have similar capabilities to computers.

Mobile responsive design is not something that you may have encountered in the early years of the previous decade. Some websites might have been employing them, but most do not since they think that they do not need them. This particular design refers to the adaptiveness of the website to fit in many screens. It includes computers, mobile phones and other gadgets which have different sizes of screens.

It is disorienting if the website that you are always using does not work quite well with some gadgets. For example, imagine if you are an avid social media person and the one that you are always in does not work the same way with your phone and computer. It is going to be a disorienting experience, and you will have a hard time finding some items or enjoying the experience altogether. For this reason, your website must work well on most devices.

The More You Know

1. Increase In Smartphone Users

According to research, there are more than 3.8 billion people who are using smartphones in the world. That is nearing the halfway point of the total population of the world, even though it is still some ways off. However, there is a huge chance that a part of this population will visit your website. It doesn’t matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection. You will get the clicks, especially if you are near the top of search results.

As you can see, it is important to have a website that would work properly on the phone. Netizens are more likely to use them compared to their laptops and computers. It is also something that most people would consider as a need these days since it is difficult to live without it in most urban areas. These are also necessary to access some services, especially in places wherein they are advanced enough to have the technology. If you do not want to miss out on the thousands or millions of clicks, then you need to design your website properly.

2. Minimization

Another important design aspect that you would want to take a look into is minimization. It is a function that you will often see in computers since web browsers have them. Before, it was also not needed in the mobile world since it is too small for this type of interaction. However, you need to have this added to your site since mobile phones can now do it as well. You can see this with the likes of Apple, which has several functions for multi-app work.

If you are just developing the website for the first time, then you need to put the mobile users first before the desktop users. It might seem unfair since many users still use the desktop, but it is easier to optimize for mobile-first than the former. Once your site is deemed to be great for phones, then you can transition to the desktop version. It is better for every user as well, since more people are using phones now than desktops.

3. Visible Call To Action

One thing that most people forget when it comes to their website is marketing. They would often add everything that they deem as pertinent without looking into its practicality or design. However, some people forget the most important aspect that you would want in a website: calls to action. These are specific ways to induce involvement from site visitors.

The “buy now” and “click here” statements are not just generic sentences. These are calls to action for the people who will see it.

These statements are to be seen immediately, especially on mobile. Pop-ups are a great option, although reports are saying that people get annoyed by them. You can situate it in areas that would catch their attention immediately. You can do banners that would not interfere with your sponsors or give links that can be clicked directly.

4. Using SVGs

SVGs or scalable vector graphics are images that can be used in various ways on your site. It can be changed into one size or another without affecting its pixelation. You need to have this on your website, especially for your logo, since you can do so many things with it. For example, you can use the logo as the link to your homepage, making it more accessible for the users. It can also be used in other parts of your site, like promotions and clip-arts.

5. Choosing The Right Image

Aside from SVGs, you also need to have the right images for specific situations. It will depend on your business, though, as some do not need many pictures. One thing that you need to know, though, is when to use stock footage. There are times wherein you cannot use those images, especially if you are looking to improve upon your brand. In this case, if you have to add images, make sure that they are of high quality yet can be scaled down to the mobile version.

Remember, images can affect the loading of your website to the users. Once they are too high quality, then it can affect those who have slower internet connections. For this reason, most people use SVGs but only for logos. If there are other images, you need to tinker with the formatting so that it will not interfere with the loading time yet still fits in the interface.

6. Making Clickable Areas

Aside from images, you also need to take a look into other areas that you can turn into clickables. These are just other places that the user can visit when there is no more space on the main page. It is also great to direct them to areas that they may be interested in seeing. You can use this to help them go to your store as well if you have it on your site. As long as you do not make everything clickable on the page, then you do not need to worry about adding too much, even for mobile use.

7. Typographical Improvements

We are scaling everything down for mobile usage, and it will always include typography. Size does matter in this aspect, so you need to make sure that it is visible first in mobile before the desktop version. You can also make your site easier to scale using zoom. It makes it easier for everything else to follow as well as the graphics. The font should also be easy to read, but don’t use common ones like Comic Sans or Calibri as those have their uses but not on an internet page.

8. Know The Common Devices

Lately, there has been a great demand for more Android phones in the market. Even though many experts seem to believe that it has been oversaturated, there is still room for more in this time. The world is rapidly changing, so updating these devices proves to be more crucial than ever. Android is by far the most popular operating system for mobile phones. Apple’s iOS is next, and it takes up the next bigger chunk of the population pie, as you can see here:,million%20of%20those%20being%20iPhones.

It is necessary for you as a website developer to have both of these operating systems compatible with your website. However, if you prefer having one type of customer, then you can choose to prioritize either user. It will always depend on your priority, but it will be best to choose one that would encompass more people. This will mean more clicks and then more possibilities for income, so don’t miss out on supporting these systems.

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