Google Ads Vs SEO – A New Age Dilemma

Google Ads Vs SEO – A New Age Dilemma

Exposing your blog to the internet in order to generate traffic for your website, get yourself a top rank in SERPs, and potentially convert visitors into paying consumers is the main goal of using SEO or Google Ads. Though both can be likened to Apples and Oranges, Google Ads, previously known as Adwords (read more), have significant differences from SEO. These contrasts can determine how well one gives you visibility compared to the other.

Though both of these are used extensively, side-by-side, many website owners can only afford to avail one or the other, which means the better choice needs to be made. As one of those website owners, you’ll need all the knowledge and know-how in order to make a decision for yourself. With this new-age dilemma, be one of the few that chose the right choice.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Though reaching for the same goal—to bring a larger audience to your business website—there are important things to note between SEO and Google Ads. For one, their roles in your website differ slightly, with the latter bringing people to your website inorganically and the former doing the opposite.

Search Engine Optimization can be considered the target audience-friendly choice between the two. It aims to have the webpage owner create quality content with well-placed keywords, all while maintaining a page that is both appealing and attractive to visitors. The main objective of SEO is to bring people to your product and services, avail them, and become a return customer without coercing them to do so.

Google Ads, on the other hand, is the epitome of display advertising. Google has made ads possible by paying you each time someone clicks on a link you put up. These links appear for people who search certain keywords, which means Google is using their information to tailor the advertisement they see. These ads show in brief what your products and services are, which brings you paying customers and not visitors in need of conversion to your site.

Though both are very different, they are often used together to maximize the number of people they bring to the site. Both paying customers and visitors are still added to the stats, which help website owners and SEO companies with data gathering and strategizing the next method.

Pros And Cons

For Adwords, there are a few pros and cons you need to know about.


  • Google Ads allow you to customize your advertisement according to the keywords you use, the location of your target audience, the time and days they are usually online, their geographical information, and which devices they use. This basically makes Targeting an audience much faster and easier.
  • You can control how much money you spend on these ads, and there are no minimum costs needed.
  • You can track your stats with their own tools and see which method you applied brought the most visitors to your site.


  • Google Ads are applied only to one search engine: Google.
  • Once you stop availing the service, your traffic also stops almost immediately.
  • People trust organic searches more than paid ads, as the former lacks coercion and blatant advertisement on a surface level, whilst the latter focuses on hard selling.

As for SEO, there are also a few advantages and disadvantages going forward.


  • Search Engine Optimization is applicable to all search engines available on the internet.
  • Organic search is free, while you’ll need to pay a hefty fee each month if you want to maintain being on top of the SERPs.
  • Utilizing SEO can help you build a solid audience that won’t just up and go after you stopped using the method. Search engine optimization makes sure your website will have traffic long-term, even if said traffic starts as a mere trickling at first.
  • People are starting to trust organic results rather than ads Google place in the very first place in SERPs. As a webpage owner, your focus isn’t to try too hard to show legitimacy but to rank top in webpage results.


  • Google Ads take no work to have the top spot, while with SEO, you’ll need hard work and patience in order to land one of the top spots in result pages.
  • Search engine optimization isn’t instantaneous and will need your longest patience as you venture into this journey.
  • Being a new website can be devastating if you pursue this method first unless you’re willing to place time, money, and patience to build your webpage for years to come.

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