10 Products That Got Popular After Rebranding

10 Products That Got Popular After Rebranding

In this modern world, there is nothing more important than keeping up with the status quo. Being different is great if you already have the background for it. However, you still need to fit in with the crowd first, learn about their behavior before you can stand out. It is not easy to take that notion away from multiple cultures, so you need to learn first and outgrow them. The same thing happens with brands and products, and it is something that you need to think about if you are running the companies making them.

When Trends Die

For this reason, some products are now considered dying. These may have stood the test of time, but it must be time for them to go. There is a reason why so few people are buying or using them, so it makes sense for their producers to phase out. However, a simple reinvention or reintroduction can make them cool again, as you can see here. Sometimes, unprecedented events in the world can also affect the popularity of a product.

Below are ten products that have stood the test of time and have enjoyed invigoration from the modern world. Some might argue that these are just fads and would soon die quickly, but these are still going strong now. We might never know what is going to happen in the future, but at least we still have these products to enjoy.

Watch Out For These

1. Books

The advent of television and movies may not have spelled doom for literature, but it became one of the reasons why sales went down. The ever-changing times have not also been kind, with everyone not having the patience to sit down and read some words. However, some franchises have decided to change the game and try to introduce something new.

Some established book series decided to introduce collectibles to their fans. They reprinted their old series and gave them new covers, artwork, and additional content. It boosted the sales of many bookstores, which gave them much reprieve. The pandemic may have been hard at first, but some stores also reported having more customers as people stayed at home to do work and school. It may not be the same as previous decades, but it is a great beginning to what was considered a lost cause.

2. TV Shows

Another product that was said to be dying was TV shows. They suffered the same issue as with books: not all people have the patience to sit down and watch them. It didn’t help that classic series back in the day were only on for one or two episodes every week. Many people did not like that, so they preferred movies instead, which would usually have a beginning and end as you sit in the theatre.

Netflix then introduced the idea of streaming, which lets people choose what they watch whenever they want. This became the start of the streaming age, with more customers who are willing to pay because of this scheme. Now, many companies followed suit and made streaming companies of their own, dropping TV series on one go.

3. Vinyl Records

Another supposed victim of the times, vinyl records were in a bad decline back in the early to late 2000s. With the introduction of the CD and mp3, it became apparent to the consumers that it was not needed anymore. However, on this day, there are now people who are willing to spend money on vinyl because of nostalgia. There are even records these days that become bestsellers when the vinyl version becomes available, like Taylor Swift’s evermore.

4. Athlete And Leisure (Athleisure) Items

If you ask anyone if they love to exercise, most of the time, they would say that they do not like doing it. However, it has become a fashion statement, with more consumers being interested in athletic wear without being active. Paris Hilton arguably started it with her pink couture tracksuits, and everyone else followed. It declined in the mid-2010s when everyone associated it with fame and shallowness. However, it has come back these days with it being introduced to common consumers.

5. Nail Extensions

Another product that has come back for women is nail extensions. These are artificial nails that women (and some men) would often add to enhance their looks. It was common in the early 2000s with the outrageous fashion back then, but since then had its fair share of decline. However, similar to vinyl, nostalgia made them trendy again, along with celebrities like Cardi B doing them. On the other hand, it has also become a symbol for feminism, and it became more acceptable to wear almost anywhere.

6. Earbuds And Earplugs

These may not have slowed down in popularity, but they were not sought after either. Phones used to have them as a part of the package. However, it became apparent that these are not as good, and the sound quality that they emit was not great either. It became normal for people to buy other brands and try to find the one that would suit them best. As technologies advanced, more people looked into improving it as well, like making it wireless, which is now the norm.

7. Craft Beer

Beer has always been considered as a man’s man’s drink. It was always marketed this way since the bitter taste was something that “only real men” can enjoy. However, the modern world is not as keen on machismo as it once was, so many companies started introducing beers for others. Craft beers became rather popular, as it is still the same beverage but with some additional bells and whistles like flavors, aromas, and less bitterness.

8. Salads

It seems that many healthy things in this world are the ones that people don’t like as much. Take salads, for example, a bowl of the usual greens, along with other things. If someone says that it is their favorite food, it would be a source of shock and awe to everybody. Naturally, it has become trendy these days because of the growing greener consciousness of the population. Companies started to repackage them and made them trendy, adding new ingredients like avocado and other fruits to make them healthier and more colorful.

9. CBD Products

Another product that became so infamous is the one with CBD. As one of the main sources of this compound is cannabis, people were rather afraid of using it because of the psychedelic effects. However, when manufacturers started to change the source by using hemp, it became the selling point. Consumers started to see it as the safer option, and thus, popularity soon followed as this link agrees: https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/what-you-need-know-and-what-were-working-find-out-about-products-containing-cannabis-or-cannabis.

10. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy was a rather well-known Ayurvedic practise that rose to prominence along with yoga. It is unclear why its popularity dwindled, but it has come back partly because of CBD. More consumers are becoming interested in natural remedies, and aromatherapy is one of them. Repackaging it to the modern world was not easy, but with the right bottles and advertisements, it is now back to being a common practice.

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